The Problem
With brand new headquarters in development, Rinnai Australia were looking to implement a cleaning process that would be ready to roll out as soon as the building was finished. With only the blueprint as a guide, Conquest needed to determine exactly what equipment was required to keep the new floors clean before the facility opened its doors to avoid any delays.

The Conquest Solution
Even without being able to perform an on-site evaluation, Conquest used their unique ISP (Intelligent Solutions Program) to review the plans for the new facility and determine the best machine for the job. As a result of the comprehensive process, the PB106 ride-on was recommended as the perfect sweeper due to its light steering, maximum visibility, and full fingertip control. Backed by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Conquest were confident that Rinnai would receive the ideal machine for their specific needs.

The Results
The Conquest PB106 was delivered to Rinnai on the very same day that the facility doors were opened and team members received comprehensive onsite training to ensure the machine was used to its fullest capacity. Rinnai achieved clean floors right from day one with no delays or hold ups for management and staff. With their new Conquest machine, Rinnai will continue to enjoy superior clean floors for many years to come.

“We chose to purchase from Conquest because the machine was more efficient in both price and quality. The PB106 has provided a proficient cost saving alternative to other methods. The service from Conquest Equipment has been excellent.”