The Problem:

Pferd Australia Pty Ltd, a renowned abrasive company, located in Melbourne Victoria was having difficulty keeping their warehouse clean. With the limited time there was afforded to sweep, a time saving solution was needed!


The Conquest Solution:

Conquest’s sales representatives worked with Pferd’s managing director and recommended a sweeper to suit their application. Conquest provided the client a machine demonstration which proved the Conquest Sweeper was the best option in all aspects:


  • Dust free sweeping – Keeping stock cleaner
  • Efficient – Seven times faster than a broom
  • Simplicity of machine – Reduced operator training
  • Unmatched quality – Long service life


The Results:

“Presentation was good from the first meeting with the Conquest Technical Sales Representative. The technical knowledge, products for demonstration and quick delivery impressed us. We are very happy with the quality of the machine. We haven’t had to use Conquest’s after sales support yet, but I don’t expect any problems. I’m very satisfied with the service given and the very competitive prices. I will use Conquest whenever opportunity allows.”