The team at MacGregor Logistics were excited about their brand new warehouse. Larger than their previous facility, it allows greater flexibility in storing client goods ready for distribution. Keeping the warehouse neat and free of dust and dirt is high priority.

There was just one problem.

Their existing ride on floor sweeper wasn’t suited to their new space. Manoeuvring the machine around the warehouse proved difficult, cleaning the warehouse floor had become a lengthy task and the sweeper did not meet the company’s high standard.

MacGregor Logistics needed a warehouse sweeper that could move tight around the ends of pallet racking and fit comfortably in the aisles between racks. It needed to reach the bottom edges of racks and walls without having to do multi-point turns to get the machine into position.


Identifying the unique characteristics of the new facility alongside MacGregor Logistics unique set of priorities was key to recommending the best industrial cleaning equipment for the task. A full free on-site assessment was conducted at MacGregor Logistics’ warehouse in accordance with Conquest’s Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP).

Armed with this insight, Conquest recommended the PB180 LPG ride on floor sweeper.

The PB180 LPG offers everything MacGregor Logistics needs, and more. A large capacity waste hopper reduces time spent discarding waste, and simple intuitive controls make it easy to train multiple staff in safe operation.

Minimal electronics inside the PB180 LPG and a sturdy hydraulic system reduces the likelihood of parts failure, ensuring the PB180 LPG is reliable even in tough industrial cleaning applications.


“The Conquest PB180 works extremely well. It’s easy to use—less training, sweeps amazing.”

The PB180 LPG has quickly proven itself to be nimbler and more efficient than the previous sweeper, delivering a superior clean in less time. Meeting the challenge of MacGregor’s new facility was great, but the real benefits of the PB180 LPG became clear when clients noticed the clean floor.

“We often have customers come to our site and they comment on how clean our facility is, and they ask ‘How do you keep it so clean?’ — we just point to the Conquest sweeper.”

Asked about his experience with the Conquest team, Macgregor Logistics Operations Manager George Frederiksen said he appreciated the honesty, integrity and positive support throughout the purchase stages.

“We have even won new customers as a result of how clean the floor is!”

The team at MacGregor Logistics have since reduced operation time and wages spent on achieving their clean floor, by opting for a power sweeper better suited their needs.

Finding commercial cleaning equipment suited to your facility can be a challenge. With the aid of our Intelligent Solutions Program and flexibe range of cleaning machines, Conquest can provide a hard floor cleaning solution tailored to your unique business needs.