Cleaning for presentation and hygiene is a necessary cost of doing business. But that doesn’t mean it has to be arduous – or expensive. The busy Queen Street Mall McDonald’s restaurant improved presentation AND drastically cut associated labour by over 80%. Restaurant franchisee Tanya Mulcahy, made time to come clean on Conquest.

The Challenge: improve presentation, hygiene and efficiency

The Queens Street Mall McDonalds restaurant in Brisbane is the largest in the southern hemisphere, serving an impressive 30,000 – 40,000 people each week and remaining open 24/7.

Sticky fast food spills and heavy foot traffic over the expansive floor space became a significant cleaning challenge for the facility; one that took up to an astounding 8 hours labour every evening!

Restaurant franchisee Tanya Mulcahy identified the need for a more productive and efficient solution that would:

  • Improve the presentation and hygiene of the non-slip, textured commercial tiled surface
  • Cover the expansive franchise floor space efficiently
  • Allow for manoeuvrability between and around store fittings
  • Be safe for use around the heavy foot traffic
  • Minimise noise disruption for dine-in customers

And ultimately, reduce time on task. So too reducing the associated costs of labour.

Interested in reducing labour costs and improving the presentation of her restaurant, Tanya reached out to Conquest for a consultation.

The Solution: Conquest Edge oscillating floor scrubber

Leading product specialist, Tony Millar, visited the McDonalds restaurant and performed a complimentary onsite assessment. With an understanding of the current floor cleaning processes, floor type and unique site challenges, Tony tailored a recommendation to efficiently clean the dirty floors and achieve Tanya’s objectives.

The recommended Conquest Edge Floor Scrubber offers superior down-pressure and variable speed settings, to support the application of greater cleaning force without strain to the operator. The scrubber also collects residual waste water as it cleans, leaving floors dry and instantly safe for diners to walk on.

A demonstration at the restaurant was all the proof Tanya needed to make an investment in the recommended Conquest Edge floor scrubber.

The Outcome: over 75% reduction in time on task + cleaner floor surfaces

Tanya could not be happier about the results achieved on the floors at her restaurant. “We could not believe the difference it was making to our floors” she says of the transformation achieved with the Conquest Edge floor scrubber. “We are extremely impressed with the quality of our tiles now. They are actually cleaner than when we first had them laid.”

Not only were the floors cleaner, time on task was reduced by more than 75%. “It saved us a lot of time, this piece of equipment, obviously only taking an hour or two to clean our whole restaurant as opposed to 8 hours.” Tanya says.

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