Finding a Premium Floor Scrubbing Machine

Cobram Cleaning Service was finding that mopping their client’s floors was time consuming and the results were not what they hoped to deliver as a professional cleaning contractor.

The Conquest Solution – Genie Floor Scrubbing Machine

Conquest had the answer – the Genie battery floor scrubbing machine. The world’s first compact scrubber is manoeuvrable getting into tight areas while efficiently cleaning and drying the floor. This ensures the floor is perfectly clean and eliminates the risk of slips and falls. The articulated handle allows the operator to clean under tables and chairs, right into corners, and right up against the edge. The Genie only applies clean water to the surface eliminating the risk of cross contamination and leaves the floor totally clean, sanitized and completely dry.

The Results

Cobram Cleaning loves their Conquest scrubber, which cuts their cleaning time down by 60%. They had tried other brands of scrubbers which had never worked as well as the Genie, and now they can clean areas where a traditional floor scrubbing machine could never fit before. The floors were left shiner, cleaner and streak free, making the customer happy enough to recommend their services to others, therefore generating more work for Cobram Cleaning.

“We found Conquest very good to deal with. The good customer service went right through from instruction on how to use the machine to after sales maintenance. We love the Conquest Genie for stripping and scrubbing shop floors, and it gets into the corners very well. We are definitely saving time and money with the Conquest Genie and are finding it much better than other brands of machines.”

Proprietor – Cobram Cleaning Service