Benefit from flexible rental and finance terms

Get market-leading commercial floor cleaning machines quicker with our finance and rental options

Flexible rentals and finance

If purchasing outright isn’t right for your business, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the right commercial cleaning equipment for your site.

Conquest Equipment offers flexible rentals and finance options, providing a clever way to clean without a large upfront cost.

As part of our Conquest 360 offer, we provide fully flexible rentals with no risk.

Businesses change and evolve, and so do their cleaning needs. You may be thinking about moving facilities or taking on new premises. Sometimes, purchasing a commercial sweeper or industrial floor scrubber isn’t the right move to make for your business.

Conquest Fully Flexible Rentals

But that’s okay. Our Fully Flexible Rentals policy makes it easy for companies who can’t afford, or don’t want to, enter into a long-term rental agreement or purchase up front. With Fully Flexible Rentals, you can enter into an agreement on your own terms, with options ranging from 12 to 60 months. You can choose a shorter term length if you’re not sure where your business is headed, or a longer term length if you want a guaranteed clean for years to come.

Our no risk Fully Flexible Rentals also allow you to upgrade, downgrade, change to a different machine, or return the equipment if it’s no longer required – all without penalty. Not only does this give you peace of mind when renting from Conquest, but it also gives you the flexibility you need to run your business. You can swap your industrial floor cleaner at any time during your fixed term without paying the price.

Conquest rental agreements are comprehensive as well as flexible. We include all servicing, repairs, and a set number of consumables annually, giving you total freedom to flex your agreement if you need to.

In addition to Fully Flexible Rentals, the Conquest 360 offer also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which ensures our machines are maintained and serviced for optimal performance.

60-day money back guarantee

We also pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and responsive delivery times.

You will also receive a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can choose Conquest with absolute confidence.

Find a clever way to clean

Everyone’s cleaning needs are different, which is why Conquest has an extensive portfolio of industrial floor scrubbers and heavy duty sweepers to get the job done.

Eliminate dust, dirt, and debris with power sweepers. Conquest walk-behind and ride-on floor sweepers offer an effective cleaning solution for any industrial and commercial floor cleaning challenge.

Conquest power scrubbers leave your floors sparkling with the latest innovative technology. Whether you need a powerful industrial floor scrubber for large applications or a maneuverable walk-behind scrubber for tight spaces, Conquest has a floor cleaning machine suited to your needs.

For smaller sites, such as retail or office spaces, try Conquest’s Edge Series. These floor scrubbers use high-speed, oscillating heads that reach right up to edges and into corners.

Explore the product catalogue and to discover the Conquest cleaning solution that’s right for you.