Industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment for your unique requirements

Every commercial and industrial floor cleaning job is different. Selecting the right sweeper or scrubber for your application can be a unique challenge on it’s own. With a diverse portfolio of commercial and industrial cleaning machines sourced from leading suppliers in Europe and the US, backed by local experience and expertise, we are equipped to help you select the right floor cleaning solution to match your requirements. Whether your floors are indoor or outdoor, you are tight on space or have a large open area, or your concern is presentation, dust control or workplace health & safety – we guarantee the recommended power sweeper or power scrubber will deliver to your satisfaction, or your money back.

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Tired of limited choice, poor service, and inflexible options? Like you, we believe that quality, reliable equipment should be backed by equally exceptional service and support.

So we’ve made it happen. We’ve built a hard-earned reputation on reliability and freedom of choice, underpinned by uncommon genuine care.

Through our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP), we go to great lengths to ensure you’ll get the right floor cleaning solution tailored to your unique operating environment. It all starts with a site inspection at your facility. Backed by four unbeatable offers, you can then expect outstanding service, with the ongoing training and technical support you need to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Four unbeatable offers for your 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.


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With so many options and considerations to factor, it can be hard to know where to start. So we make it easy! We offer a free site assessment to industrial and commercial facilities considering rental or purchase of their next industrial, commercial and municipal floor-cleaning machine. We're gad to come to you, or we can arrange a virtual consultation at your request.

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Still got questions?