Cleaning solutions tailored
for your industry

Heavy-duty industrial and commercial floor cleaning machines to tackle your unique cleaning needs

Every industry, every business, every warehouse, plant or facility is different – and each requires a unique floor cleaning solution. Meeting our customers’ individual cleaning challenges is a crucial part of Conquest’s determination to deliver clean floors, guaranteed.

We have more than 40 years’ experience in commercial and industrial floor cleaning. Today, our innovative solutions address a wide range of common and highly specialised floor cleaning challenges across a diverse array of industries.

Government and municipalities

Emission free, water-efficient, chemical-free and low noise machines for eco-friendly, versatile cleaning.

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Carparks and
large areas

Keep carparks and large area spotless with highly efficient, specialised floor cleaning machines.

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Commercial and

Efficient, high-quality power sweepers and powers scrubbers to leave your commercial spaces sparkling.

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Warehouse and logistics

Keep clean and WHS compliant with power sweepers and scrubbers to remove tyre-marks, dust and debris.

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Material handling
experts (MHE)

Efficiently tackle all kinds of dust, debris and waste with powerful, versatile industrial cleaning machines.

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Agile machines to control dust and liquid spills, keeping large areas and tight spaces WHS compliant.

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Heavy-duty, durable power sweepers and power scrubbers designed for the harsh mining environment.

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Keep workshops WHS compliant, free from grease and spills, and showroom floors sparkling clean.

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Building service contractors (BSC)

Increase efficiency, minimise downtime with reliable machines that are versatile and simple to operate.

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Food and Beverage

Stay up to code with power scrubbers to quickly tackle spills and efficiently control dust and bacteria.

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Health care

Powerful but quiet floor cleaning machines to keep healthcare facilities clean and bacteria-free.

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Aviation and transportation

State-of-the-art machines to clean heavy-footfall areas in the aviation and transportation industry.

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Construction and building

Powerful, durable floor cleaning machines for the most demanding conditions.

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Blast through dust and spills in the harshest agriculture environments.

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Parts and services

Our commitment to customers goes well beyond simply supplying floor cleaning machines. We offer total floor cleaning solutions that include consumables, parts and servicing. We’ll work with you to help extend the life and effectiveness of your floor cleaning machine with a reliable partnership for the lifetime of your machine.